Domain Registration

Quite simply a Domain is a unique address on the Internet. Once registered the domain can be used world-wide.

Why should I register a Domain Name?

A Domain name has two main purpose, It can be used as: -

  • an address to send and receive E-mails
    It's easy to get a free email address but unfortunately they all have a major draw back, as part of the address you have the name of your Internet Service Provider. By registering a domain your email address then acts as an advertisement for your organisation. It also gives you're the freedom to change your Internet Service Provider without losing your E-mail address.  
For example:
  • the address of your web site
    People anywhere in the world will be able to use your domain name to gain access to your web site. There is no other medium which will give you a world-wide presence. 
For example:
What domain name should I use?
A domain name is usually based upon the name of your company, organisation, club, products or services. You need to think carefully before registering a domain name as a good name will make all the difference to the number of visitor that you will be able to attract to your web site.

What happens after the Domain has been registered?
There are several options, which we can offer: -
  • E-mail forwarding 
    This is the process by which an E-mail addressed to your new domain name can be automatically forwarded to your existing Internet Service Provider. For this to work you must obtain/retain an E-mail address belonging to an Internet Service Provider. We can provide simple instructions to allow you to send e-mails using your new Domain name from a mail package such as Outlook.
  • Web Forwarding
    We automatically re-direct people trying to access your web site to a different location. This is particularly useful if you decide to host your web site in free space that you have already got with another Internet Service Provider.
  • Web Hosting
    We only provide web hosting as part of our web design packages.
  • Free Domain Transfer
    We can transfer your domain name to any Internet Service Provider free of charge. Once a domain name has been transferred we are unable to offer any forwarding services.
Are there any on going costs?
In time a domain name will need to be re-registered. UK domains expire after two years whilst US domains expire after one year. As long as the domain name remains with us, we will be able to handle the re-registration on your behalf. There is a charge for re-registering but we expect this to be no more than the original cost to register the Domain name.
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