Before we commence the design of your website we carry out a requirements analysis process (i.e. we talk to you). During this phase (conversation) we aim to find out a little bit about your business and what benefits you expect to gain from your website.

Thinking about the expected benefits will help you to decide on the type of website you require. It may be that you want to test the water with a basic website or it may be that you want to dive straight in with a database driven and/or e-commerce site. It is worth bearing in mind that if you can always test the water with a basic site and then upgrade this to a more sophisticated site at a later date. We can of course help you with this decision.

You also need to think about is the look of your website. We can help you select the style of your website, the colours and the fonts used to create the look you want. There may be a requirement to align the look of the site with your existing business identity by use of graphics (e.g. logo’s), colour, fonts etc. Your website can be structured to reflect the services and products that you supply.

The final consideration is the content of your website. You will need to supply us with the wording and images (pictures) for use on the site. We can advice you on the selection of this material, which may well be taken from existing promotional literature.

Here is a brief summary of what we can offer: -

Basic Website

This is the least expensive option. The basic website gives you a platform to promote your business and the services and/or products you supply. Prices start from £200 and for this we will build you a professional looking site complete with five pages and a feedback form, which allows you to receive enquiries via email. This package includes domain name registration, one years hosting and registration with five top search engines. If you require extra pages this is not a problem. Once we have worked out with you exactly what you require we will provide an obligation free quote for the work involved.

Database Driven Website

This type of website can typically hold a large amount of data and allow visitors to the website to easily query that data. If we take the example of a training company website, visitors to this site may want to see all the courses being run at a particular location during a particular month. Alternatively they may be interested in all the courses for a particular skill, which still have spaces. A database driven site could support these kinds of queries.

Another example would be of a company with a large product catalogue. If this catalogue were stored in an online database, website visitors could find a particular product by selecting a category of product (and then perhaps a sub-category) and then picking the product out from a short list. Full details of the selected product could then be shown.

A database driven website is easier to maintain when data is constantly changing. Because web pages are generated dynamically from the database the website content can be changed by simply updating the database.

E-commerce Website

An e-commerce website allows you to sell directly to the public. Typically, this type of website will incorporate a ‘shopping basket’. Visitors to your site move around the site selecting items to buy, which are then placed in the ‘shopping basket’. When they are ready to order they are transferred to a secure website which captures credit card details and processes the transaction.

Please call us for an informal chat if you would like any help in deciding if a website could benefit your business.
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